’s co-founder Chloe Macintosh shows off her London home on Apartment Therapy…

As the co-founder of, Chloe Macintosh’s stylish west London home is an eclectic jumble of styles, showing an aesthetic closely resembling that of her ideal customer.  Much of the furniture is from Chloe’s own company,, which she set up after leaving her job as an architect. Other pieces are sourced from London, Paris and India.

photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy  ^

There is a happy mix of classic design, antique furniture, and vintage treasures picked up on their travels; it is a beautiful house, but first and foremost it is a home made for living in.

Amongst her furniture, she has a pair of Mesa Leather coffee tables and an Altar table by Heerenhuis…

Mesa Leather II tables by Heerenhuis

Mesa Leather tables by Heerenhuis

measurements:  60 x 60 x H35cm / 120 x 70 x H35cm


Altar II table in French Oak by Heerenhuis

Altar table in French Oak by Heerenhuis