Muffin table lamps by Brokis


Muffin lights are available with a choice of clear, smoked grey or smoked brown glass, sitting on a base of either walnut or oak.  The lamp comes fitted with a black dimmer switch, black cable, UK plug and Edison squirrel cage filament lightbulb.  All Brokis lamps are made to order & delivered in approx 6 weeks.

miniWood 06:  ⌀27.5 x H26cm
Wood 01:  ⌀37 x H34.6cm
Wood 02:  ⌀53 x H50.6cm

available with:
Oak base = £595 / £675 / £995
Walnut base = £665 / £885 / £1395

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Muffin lamps convey a truly extraordinary lighting experience. Their puffy, round shapes and combination of traditional hand-blown tinted glass, oak, and gentle light fill any space with a special aura. The singular design and exceptional quality of the Muffin lamps caught the attention of Yves Saint-Laurent, which used them in a TV advertisement for its men’s collection. The Muffin collection comprises three basic variants – floor, ceiling, and table – that can be fitted with a wooden lamp body as well as different glass shades in subtle tones of grey and brown.


Wood 02: ⌀53 x H50.6cm, Wood 01: ⌀37 x H34.6cm, miniWood 06: ⌀27.5 x H26cm

Type of base

Walnut, Oak

Colour of glass

Clear, Smoked Grey, Smoked Brown