Spike table – made to measure by Heerenhuis

Spike table – made to measure by Heerenhuis



The Spike table top is made from a choice of laminated oak, multiplex birch, reclaimed teak, or carrara marble – set over a steel base.  It is available in square or round sizes.

Heerenhuis produce the Spike table as a Made to Measure table, where the maximum table top diameter is ⌀85cm. 




Made to Measure sizes
Below we have a price guide for our most popular bespoke sizes, but please get in touch for quotes on your preferred measurements:

Spike square tables starting from:
Multiplex Birch / 60 x 60 x H74cm = £595
Laminated Oak / 60 x 60 x H74cm = £795
Reclaimed Teak / 60 x 60 x H74cm = £735
Carrara marble / 60 x 60 x H74cm = £855

Spike round tables starting from:
Multiplex Birch / ⌀60 x H74cm = £685
Laminated Oak / ⌀60 x H74cm = £885
Reclaimed Teak / ⌀60 x H74cm = £810
Carrara marble / ⌀60 x H74cm = £1195
Fraké outdoor / ⌀60 x H74cm = £845


Spike tables are is normally delivered fixed in one piece.  Please ask if you would prefer to be able separate the table top and base for access.


Birch Multiplex, Cross Laminated Oak and Reclaimed Teak tables by Heerenhuis are finished with three layers of invisible matt varnish and should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. No need to oil or revarnish.

Particularly during the winter, but also when using air conditioning, relative humidity must be kept in mind.  Relative humidity should ideally be between 50% and 60%.  Less than 40% can lead to various types of damage, mainly cracks.

Carrara marble tables by Heerenhuis can should be cleaned regularly with damp cloth. If you need to remove any stains that appear (red wine etc), then any general marble cleaning solution may be used.


Heerenhuis make contemporary furniture in the traditional way, using authentic materials.


Additional information

Table Top:

Birch Multiplex (4cm thick), Cross Laminated Oak (2cm thick), Reclaimed Teak (2cm thick), Carrara Marble (2cm thick)

Made to Measure sizes (6-8 week lead time):

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